Why Ravi Zacharias rejects Calvinism

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The sovereignty and responsibility issue should really be seen as two opposite poles of the same position. Light, for example, is viewed from some vantage points as particles. From other vantage points it is viewed as waves. Scientists are aware that light could not be both particles and waves, so they have coined a term for it, a kind of a construct, and they call it a “photon.” All they have done is create a word and a category that accommodates both perspectives which are real. I think you should view the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man as a kind of a precious stone with two facets to it. When it catches the light from one direction, you see one color; when it catches the light from the other direction you see the other color. Our propensity in the Western world to put God into a box and to systematize everything sometimes violates a fundamental precept in philosophy. It is not possible for a finite person to infinitely understand the infinite. If a finite person can fully understand the infinite, the very category of infinity is destroyed. So my proposal to you is to see both of these perspectives and hold them in balance.


Here is a great response from Ravi Zacharias on the question of Soteriology. Pay close attention to how he interprets Romans 9. He sounds like a „Traditionalist” to me. You can listen to his article on the video, or scroll down to read it:

„The question you have raised has to do with an issue that theologians have been wrestling with for centuries. The Calvinistic and the Arminian position highlight their own views in attempting to answer this question. The passage you have referred to in Romans is taken out of Paul’s letter in which he is dealing with the privileged position that Israel has as being the mouthpiece to the nations of the world, and the passage in Peter, of course, is referring to the fact that God is not desiring that anyone should perish. If I may rephrase your question, you are wrestling with the dialectic…

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3 răspunsuri la Why Ravi Zacharias rejects Calvinism

  1. Emi Zarnescu zice:

    Mi se pare ca titlul este pus gresit. Probabil asta si-a dorit cel care a publicat articolul initial in limba engleza. 🙂 Ravi Zacharis argumenteaza mai mult ca suveranitatea lui Dumnezeu si responsabilitatea omului sunt tinute in tensiune in Scriptura si ca cele doua merg impreuna, nu se anuleaza una pe cealalta.

  2. florinst zice:

    Sa inteleg ca ale mele comentarii nu trec de moderarea dvs ftare Marius? Am vorbit impotriva Domnului? Impotriva Cuvantului? Impotriva oamenilor? Credeti ca adevarul despre Noul Legamant nu zideste? …

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