„Artificial Intimacy: Loving it and Killing me” citat din Russell Moore

„Thankfully, we do not have a market for ‘Christian’ pornography yet (but just wait, someone will find a way), but we do have a market for ‘Christian’ romance novels. . .a lot of this genre is simply a Christianization of a form that’s intended not to examine intimacy but to escape to an artificial illusion of it.
Granted, there’s no graphic sexuality here. The hero and the heroine don’t sleep together; they pray together. But that’s just the point. How many disappointed middle-aged women in our congregations are reading these novels as a means of comparing the strong spiritual leaders depicted there with what by comparison must seem to be underachieving lumps lying next to them on the couch? .. . it is worth asking, ‘Is what I’m consuming leading me toward contentment with my husband (or future husband) or away from it?”
                                                                                                                        Russell D. Moore, Tempted and Tried

via Mircea B. Ionescu


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