Youcef Judecat

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Youcef Judged

The 11th branch of Gilan provincial court has ruled that Youcef Nadarkhani has Islamic ancestry and therefore must recant his faith in Jesus Christ. The judges, acting as terrorists who have a hostage, demanded that he recant his faith in Christ. They have stated that, even though this judgment is against their current laws, they will uphold the previous decision of the 27th Branch of the Supreme Court.
When asked by the judges to repent, Youcef stated, “Repent means to return. What should I return to? To the blasphemy that I had before my faith in Christ?” The judges said, “To the religion of your ancestors, Islam.” Youcef replied, “I can not.” Youcef was reported to be happy, his faith strong.
Youcef will be brought to the court on September 27th and 28th for the sole purpose of demanding that he recant. My sources report that though they are being told that the case will be sent back to the Supreme Court. However, they are concerned that the provincial court will act upon a law, temporarily ratified by parliament, which would allow him to be executed as soon as Thursday.
This law dictates what should be done with apostates, depending on what type of apostasy has been committed. Section 6 – 225: “when a person His or Her parents were Muslims at the moment they were trying to have baby , and He or She converts to another religious without claiming to be Muslim, He or She is a National apostate.” Section 8 – 225 states the procedure for handling a national apostate: “the death sentence is the penalty for National apostate, but after the verdict was pronounced, He or She will be commanded to repent of what He or She has done and if He refuses to repent, He will be killed.”
The situation is, of course, quite difficult and confusing. We ask that you continue in prayer for Youcef. Ultimately, this is a spiritual battle against the demonic forces seeking to overthrow the faith of the believers there. Let’s unite together in prayer, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, binding the work of Satan in this case. Remember that Youcef’s life is in God’s hands alone. No power is given to his captors besides that which the Father gives.
In Christ,Jason DeMars
Present Truth Ministries

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  1. Pomisor zice:

    Apocalipsa 12:11. Ei l-au biruit prin sangele Mielului si prin cuvantul marturisirii lor, si nu si-au iubit viata chiar pana la moarte.


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