„Grain for Pain”

Un grup de tineri din Chicago au pornit la strîngerea de ajutoare pentru Sudan. Întreaga poveste este AICI.

On December 15th, 2013 a high level conflict between officials of the South Sudanese government quickly escalated into civil war. Since that time the youngest country on earth has had millions of its people suffering the devastation of domestic conflict. Grain for Pain is a fundraising campaign with the goal of meeting the urgent needs of thousands of internally displaced people in South Sudan. Its goal is simple: send grain to feed those most affected by the conflict.


The Grain for Pain initiative first launched in 2010 by Miak Wadang (Hope for Tomorrow), a domestic South Sudanese non-profit community development organization. After drought struck an already struggling region (the White Nile and Upper Nile areas of South Sudan) Grain for Pain andMiak Wadang were able to distribute 110 pound sacks of grain to more than 10,000 struggling people. Resources were raised from donors in North America and Europe. Most of this went directly into the purchase and shipment of grain. Some however was held and invested in long term sustainable solutions. Miak Wadang, together with the community, was able to plant Grain for Pain seeds in large community gardens providing crops for the communities in the following seasons.

The subsequent year was one of growth and healing for the country. Miak Wadang was able to start a school and provide education for more than 200 students in the Nyeyok area. Preparation started on a multi-purpose building that would house a hospital, school, and shelter for the local community.

When conflict arose towards the end 2013 progress was halted completely. The country has been consumed from the inside out ever since. The United Nations has declared South Sudan a level 3 conflict zone. The lives of millions of people are being severely affected.

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