Despre interpretarea muzicii din secolul al XV-lea.

Unquiet Thoughts

We have a particular interest in music from the close of the 15th century.  Regular readers of our blog already know that we tend to have a slightly different take on music from the period, an approach that attempts restore humanity to a repertoire that has for too long been performed with an ethereal reverence that mimics the flatness of dimension found in some paintings and tapestries of the period.  We prefer to be stirred by the passion expressed so vividly in the poetry, and the vital pulse of music that was informed by dance rhythms.

While we have benefited tremendously from the work of so many imaginative, insightful and articulate music historians — work which we tend to read, discuss and put to the test — we recognize that music history is a discipline that can easily lean more towards detached historical analysis, ignoring the practical realities of actual musical performance…

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Despre Marius David

soțul Nataliei
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