Citatul săptămînii: A Church for Exiles

When I first came to America in 1996, I remember sitting in a service in a church where the preacher declared that the tragedy of the town in which he lived was that only one person in two would be in a place of worship that morning. What was a tragedy then would look like a third Great Awakening today. Christianity is moving to the margins of American life, and Christians are heading into cultural exile. The question is: How will we survive? The answer is: as Paul did in the first century. First and foremost, we need the simple proclamation of God’s Word in church week by week, reminding us of our identity in Christ. We need liturgies and worship saturated with that Word. We need engagement with the world consistent with the identity formed in us by a clear and confident faith in that Word. In short, we will survive—indeed, we will thrive—through a vibrant commitment to exactly what the historic Reformed faith has emphasized.


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  1. As far as the solution for „the church in exile”, may i suggest?
    Agreeing upon the fact that we live in the Laodicean type church today, Jesus’ solution is to respond individually to His invitation to open the door of my own heart, and you to your own heart. He says these very words: “if any man hears my voice, and opens the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” This is very personal, isn’t it?
    Consider now, just for the sake of illustrating, a church formed of people where every and each individual hears Jesus’ knocking to the his/her own heart and opens his/her own heart for Jesus to come in. You agree with me that that will mean an unspeakable powerful revival of the church, won’t it?
    Question is: do I hear Jesus’ knocking at my own heart’s door? And if I do, am I willing to open Him to come in? Am I willing to let Him see what I hide in my very secret computer files? What about the books that I hide in my, perhaps, barn of storage? What about some of the old Romanian people use to hide “sub saltea” or “la ciorap”? What about the modern style of going to foreign countries for vacation, spending thousands of euros just for pleasure, while so many of our brothers and sisters in the Lord in our own country, Romania, don’t have food to put it on the table for their children? What about my very secret thoughts, desires, aspirations, plans etc.? What about the way that I look to women that, as it is very common today, dress like in a bathing suit rather than normal dress? And the questions go on and on. The reality is that Jesus sees all these things anyway, whether we respond to His knocking at the door of our heart to let Him in.
    However, the unspeakable good change that can take place in us, that can cure us and that can bring the ENTIRE’s church revival is that, with all my shame and fear, opening the door of my own heart will eventually bring the Church back from exile.

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