JP – the informal pastor

Un interviu interesant cu pastorul lui Andre Agassi

Călin Vălean

If you have read OPEN, the autobiography of Andre Agassi you just cannot help yourself not to like JP, the pastor who became the friend of the famous tennis player. Maybe friend is too an understatement.

The real deal of reading an autobiography of a living person is the opportunity of getting in touch with the characters from the book. After I lent the book to a friend of mine he told me he would like to talk to JP. I was eager too. As I am a curious person I wanted to know what JP  is currently doing. I asked my friend if he would mind if I would approach the guy and the answer was no.

Producing music is what JP is doing and you can see the man enjoys it. But for me is not of much help. I had some questions which needed some answers. Being…

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