Cum se schimba teologia la cruce? D. A. Carson

D. A. Carson provides a good introduction when he argues that the following two propositions are both taught and exemplified in the Bible:

God is absolutely sovereign, but his sovereignty never functions in Scripture to reduce human responsibility.
Human beings are responsible creatures—that is, they choose, they believe, they disobey, they respond, and there is moral significance in their choices; but human responsibility never functions in Scripture to diminish God’s sovereignty or to make God absolutely contingent.

Elsewhere he ( D. A. Carson) writes, “At Calvary, all Christians have to concede the truth of these two statements [above], or they give up their claim to be Christians.”

I especially appreciate Carson’s conclusion as he locates the deepest foundation of compatibilism:

So I am driven to see not only that compatibilism is itself taught in the Bible, but that it is tied to the very nature of God; and on the other hand, I am driven to see that my ignorance about many aspects of God’s nature is precisely that same ignorance that instructs me not to follow the whims of many contemporary philosophers and deny that compatibilism is possible. The mystery of providence is in the first instance not located in debates about decrees, free will, the place of Satan, and the like. It is located in the doctrine of God.

Via C. V. Via Justin Taylor

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Un răspuns la Cum se schimba teologia la cruce? D. A. Carson

  1. foolfield zice:

    La cruce, teologia ca efort de explicare a dramei umane, cade in derizoriu si banal. Sfarsesc astfel intre penibile paranteze, stradaniile atator generatii de a injecta realitatea cu tot felul de `solutii` ideologice. Crucea ne pune fata in fata cu realitatea deloc confortabila, de neocolit, cu care avem a ne confrunta zilnic.

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