De la Word purtatory of Romanian Guvernment

Dear Nature reviste,

Over this way we want to exprime our profund indignation and nedumeriretion in legature with your insinuareation, conform which our primeminister, docktor Ponta be copy and paste his doctorate lucration.

It is of non-inchipuitable that one reviste to implicate in internal political legatures between romanian political class. President Basescu it is one Dracula and it is one big securist. Mr. docktor Ponta write one original lucration and in procent of 99.9 at hundred has original propositions. It is one important capodopery of Romanian juridic science.

Mr. Redactor chief, you comit one big error. Please ask scuzes from docktor Ponta and his conductor Mr. Nastase, which is very sick momentanly, having two holes in his body, the one in his cervical region, and the two in his delta meat. And pe deasupra it will be put in the pushcary at the ordins of the crazy Marinar.

It is revoltating that one little natural bulvar magazine give with the opinion in left and the right, affecting gravely the imagine of my contry in the world and also in Europ.

It is our datory to give you true informations. Please visit our nice contry, we have nice wine, nice girls and nice traditions and to many docktors.

With salutations,
Word Purtatory of Romanian Govern”

Victory Palace
Little Paris 3425

Via Augustin Ioan via Magyari Tivadar

Despre Marius David

soțul Nataliei, tată și proaspăt bunic
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4 răspunsuri la De la Word purtatory of Romanian Guvernment

  1. virgilc zice:

    you made my day…

  2. Beni zice:

    PS: Say president Obama not to worry , me and our next presidente Antenescu are in full charge here. I will not demission to make Dracula happy.
    God bless America and God bless Deveselu 😉

  3. cristi hercut zice:

    mai bine copydopery 🙂

  4. gh.iulian(l'exateo) zice:

    p.s.: we have writing this leter andar the dairect advaises and cherifaul supervijen of awer greate ex president mr. Iliescu.
    p. s.: secand:we also wand to rimember to you that we wil continueit to suport whit ouer weri wehl antrenaited trups of curajageous mylytary yor terorist war in the world antil hol the inteir world wiil bi e reel dimacracy!

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