„I keep saying that this is not a recession, it is a reset”

„What amazes me is how many brilliant people I know, in the US and around the world, who either don’t see it as anything more than a recession, or who don’t want to. No one really argues with me when I say it, but more so, simply want to turn away; hoping that by turning the mental page, somehow the reality of the statement will simply go away. It is as if society has a vested interest (and we do, by the way) in ‘keeping the party going,’ and doing precisely that, even if for only a little while, and even if that means fooling ourselves. Fear has the world in its grips these days, and fear is the ultimate prosperity killer.”

John Hope Bryant

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Despre Marius David

soțul Nataliei, tată și proaspăt bunic
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5 răspunsuri la „I keep saying that this is not a recession, it is a reset”

  1. Dan Patrascu zice:

    Dle Cruceru, va propun un articol despre tacere din punct de vedere crestinesc.
    O zi buna

  2. Putinstiutoru' zice:

    Surprins sunt, sa vad asa de putine reactii la acest articol care da muuuuuuuuuuuult de gindit. Sau poate de aia? 😉

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