A tribute for a Hungarian Jewish teen girl who died at Auschwitz – Călin Vălean (AMR 5)


This is Calin Valean,  41, from Cluj-Napoca, Romania (a city located in the heart of Transylvania) married with Loredana and father of 4. I am an entrepreneur and I am fat, too. Only 20 kgs +  above the normal.

For many many years I have tried to get enough motivation to lose weight. Unfortunately,  motivation lasted only for several weeks. Moreover, after each diet session, I added more weight.

This spring one of my good friends set up a trip or, more specifically, a pilgrimage by bike from Oradea to Auschwitz, in the memory of the young Eva Heyman who could not escape the Auschwitz executions.  As a former sport player at a pretty high level back in the high school years (volley ball) I found this trip as an ultimate motivation to get back in shape. So I’ve started going to a special gym here in Cluj, where some enthusiastic guys set up a TRX section.

After exercising several months and no diet, I realized I got in a slightly better shape but did not lose much fat. I was about to quit for this reason and also because I could not see how I would get the money for this trip. However, the organizer  told me to give up as I would collapse, especially on the psychological side of the matter. This was the trigger for my wish to participate.The very next day I went to a nutritionist and with the special diet she designed for me I lost 6 kg (13.22 lb) in the next 5 weeks.


Above  this mundane motivation, there is a spiritual one,. I want to pay a tribute to young Eva Heyman.


Eva Heyman was 13 when she described in her diary all her feelings when she noticed the authorities taking steps towards the deporting the Jews from Oradea to Auschwitz. It was not a trip for leasure nor for learning about other cultures, but a trip whose final destination was the encounter with Death. At an age when most of us dream about the future, all Eva’s dreams were washed away.


Some sources say that Eva’s diary is even more valuable than a diary of an adult as she was very candid and open about her thoughts:


„Without a doubt, Eva’s diary is a priceless document, left by an exceptionally talented thirteen year old girl, the honest testimony to the tragedy of the European Jewry.  An adult could never arrive to such a level of honesty.  This little girl sees everything, hears everything, takes note of everything.  She is filled with death premonitions, and though she does not mention them as such, every line she writes is a cry for help to a different, better, more truthful world.  As her contemporaries in the other ghettos, Eva Heyman is also writing, to leave testimony of the suffering and injustice.  Let the world know what happened in Europe in the middle of the twentieth century!”Source: http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/oradea/oradea320.html

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