Not My Jesus, Part 2: A Defense of Orthodox Christology

Dacă nu avem timp astă seară la Iris, la orele 18.00, iată o parte din argumentație!

Intelligent Christian Faith

rembrandt4jpg-0567cbae0ade6308In the last post I discussed the notion of „heresy,” and „orthodoxy,” and then we looked at an Orthodox Christology, that is, the established and historic teaching of the church regarding Jesus Christ. After that we looked over some of the common heresies.We did not however defend the Orthodox view.

Defending an idea or topic is called „apologetics.” Here, I want to dosome Christian apologetics, defending the established Christianteaching on Jesus. We’re going to do some theology and some Bible study.

Now I’m going to assume, for our purposes that the Bible is reliable and inerrant.[1] You may not agree with me, but we’ll never dig into orthodox christology very deeply if we spend all our time arguing over whether we can trust the Bible. Besides, there are some great works already defending the accuracy and reliablility of the Bible.[2] If you don’t believe the Bible is reliable or inerrant…

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