”Sînt eu păzitorul fratelui meu?” – un articol despre vaccinare

Da, știu, discuția asta este foc și pară. Am făcut și o emisiune Între Scriptură și ziar despre vaccinare și despre deciziile pe care trebuie să le ia fiecare familie în parte, asumîndu-și riscurile și de partea vaccinării și de partea non-vaccinării.

Ce vom decide? Să luăm deciziile informați:

Iată un articol care merită citit:

“Can I ethically immunize my kids with a vaccine that has been produced using cells from an aborted baby?”

The caller asking the question seemed to be sincere. During Stand to Reason’s call-in podcast, the questions vary widely—the nature of God, evangelism, ethics—and host Greg Koukl does a great job thinking on his feet and applying a biblical worldview. Still, I cringed when I heard the questioner was asking about vaccines. If there was ever a subject that divides Christians, it is vaccination.

I am familiar with the caller’s qualms. Several vaccines are produced using one of two cell lines that came originally from the lungs of aborted fetuses. The first time I learned of this was many years ago, when a Christian friend posted on Facebook that she was miserable with the flu. “I’ll bet you wish you had gotten the flu shot!” I commented.

I was not prepared for the flood of negative replies from friends of hers, which included a woman who insisted vaccines were just chopped up aborted babies. That seemed so outrageous that I did some research, and then I tried to explain about “cell lines” and that those two children, who died in the 1960s, were not aborted for the purpose of obtaining their tissue. And besides, the flu shot wasn’t made that way. I’ve always been enthusiastic about vaccines as I much prefer preventing a disease to treating it, so I stayed in the discussion. But I stopped replying when it deteriorated into name-calling and a questioning of my salvation.

In the years since, I’ve continued to discuss vaccination, write about it and make comments on Facebook posts, but only when I have the emotional energy to handle the inevitable mudslinging.

Yet the caller in the Stand to Reason podcast wasn’t being contentious. He was genuinely looking for an ethical opinion from someone who has thought through countless ethical issues. The tone of the ensuing conversation, in which Greg Koukl echoed many of my thoughts on the subject, was civil and logical. Maybe future vaccine debates would be rational. It was like a fresh breeze entering a musty room.

I’ve long thought that this particular issue of using cell lines that came from aborted babies to produce vaccines is something that thinking Christians could legitimately disagree on. But my conversations with people who are refusing vaccinations are so seldom civil and logical that I am reluctant to bring up another debatable issue.



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2 răspunsuri la ”Sînt eu păzitorul fratelui meu?” – un articol despre vaccinare

  1. Marius zice:

    Sincer, eu nu am nimic impotriva vaccinari, ba chiar cred ca toti copii ar trebui vaccinati, eu am fost si nu am avut nicio problema. Nu cunosc prea multe detalii despre subiect, inca nu am copii, dar eu cu siguranta ii voi vaccina.

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