Povestea lui Torres

Antonio de Torres Jurado este unul dintre lutierii care au revoluţionat construcţia chitarei clasice. Este greu de echivalat contribuţia sa cu alte contribuţii în domenii paralele. Dacă ar fi existat un fel de Nobel pentru lutierie, Torres l-ar fi meritat cu siguranţă. Nu este exagerat ce se spune aici: Ceea ce este Stradivarius pentru construcţia de viori, acelaşi lucru îl reprezintă Torres pentru guitarerie.

V-am prezentat o chitară făcută după modelele Torres. Vezi AICI şi AICI.

Iată pe scurt cîteva date despre Torres.

the story of the classical guitar, no single individual is more important than Antonio de Torres Jurado (1817-1892), known as Torres, a guitar maker who achieved some local renown in his life but was never free from poverty.

It is possible that the innovations we associate with Torres were inevitable: that the guitar could have evolved towards a form as harmonious as that which Torres created without the intervention of any individual. But by his intelligence and craftsmanship, Torres accelerated the process, choosing the best options from those available.

Torres’ judgement restored the guitar’s viability at a time when it was manifestly failing to compete with louder, more dramatic instruments. By 1869, when he sold a guitar to Francisco Tarrega, the guitar had been swept out of the drawing room by the piano and had barely established a toehold in the concert hall. In Spain, which had resisted the piano, the guitar was nonetheless associated with peasants, gypsies and those who play for loose change in bars.

Tarrega understood the Romantic inclinations of the time, the need for music to express drama and strong personal emotion, and in the Torres guitar he had an instrument with the range of dynamics and tone colour to fulfil that role. The delicate, polite tones of earlier concert guitars – and the brash strumming of Spanish popular guitars – had now been supplanted by a true musical instrument capable of accommodating most styles and expressing most emotions.

A man who comes from nowhere, changes the world, and then dies in abject poverty is likely to attract a great deal of mythology. Anyone interested in the history of the guitar owes a huge debt to Jose L. Romanillos for his biography, Antonio de Torres, Guitar Maker His Life and Work. Romanillos’s scholarship has established many of the facts about the life of Torres, although as a character he remains as elusive as ever.

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