Saturday morning quotes 3.22: Interpretation

Care este diferenta dintre interpret si performer?
“I have used the word ‘interpreter’ rather than ‘performer’ in my title because the latter word always had a pejorative connotation for me. It brings to mind a trained monkey who has assiduously learned his tricks and then performs them publicly, usually in a circus. To interpret is a much deeper, more laborious and infinitely more rewarding endeavour. I perform the piano and interpret Mozart. I do not interpret the piano and perform Mozart.”

“Of course, after 200 years of evolution there are enormous differences in what music has to say and how it says it. For me, tonality cannot be dissociated from its deep grounding in vocal music, in singing. If I ever want to know how a phrase of Mozart’s goes, or what I should do with it, I sing it. It is easy because inevitably it comes out right. The difficulty arises when I try to realize it on my instrument: that is where the ‘performing’ part comes in: hours and hours of practicing and honing my craft.”

– Jacob Lateiner. “An interpreter’s approach to Mozart,” Early Music (May 1992) XX (2): p. 245.

Unquiet Thoughts

A musical point of view: Interpretation of early music requires more than just playing the notes.

We have a particular point of view in our performances and we have occasionally been accused of delivering ‘dreamy’ or ‘romantic’ interpretations, as though we were tapping into the 19th-century aesthetic of Chopin or Brahms instead of the more elusive 16th-century mindset of Josquin or Dowland. Given that we never (willingly) indulge in 19th-century classical music, we’ll take issue with the idea that our performances are even remotely touched by an anachronistic sensibility that we as musicians have effectively side-stepped in our training and in our choice of specialization. But we are not above learning from those who write intelligently about their experience of ‘Romantic’ music.

Our musical point of view is derived from a serious involvement with our chosen repertoire on a deep level, meaning we choose to perform our music with a…

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